deWiz Golf AB is building an IP portfolio

deWiz Golf AB is building an IP portfolio for securing and increasing the value of its Intangible Assets. Hansson Thyresson was early trusted to work with all aspects of intellectual property services, such as patents, trademarks, and contracts.

deWiz Golf AB is an extremely interesting young technology company that has developed a golf training platform. It was founded by former European Tour pro, PGA of Sweden certified instructor and motor learning author, Markus Westerberg, and entrepreneur and technology business leader, Christian Bergh. The company’s mission is to help golfers around the world elevate their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that accelerates the pace of learning. To accomplish this, deWiz has developed a revolutionary wearable technology that helps you analyze your swing motion. And what makes deWiz unique is when you break your preset parameters, deWiz generates a tickling electric pulse and audible alert in real time.

– It´s been one of the most exciting journeys in my patent attorney carrier. Starting from zero with two engaging and dedicated inventors, we’ve created an IP portfolio to protect the fantastic new device and to assist in the business development of the company. The product and services around deWiz continue to grow, as does the IP portfolio.
Anders Hansson, co-founder, and chairman of the board of Hansson Thyresson AB.

The development of the IP portfolio has been a continuous process where technical, legal, marketing and business aspects have evolved at different speeds and importance. The value of the IP portfolio and other Intangible Assets cannot be overestimated.

I can’t express enough the importance of having a homogeneous portfolio of patents and trademarks registered in a wide range of countries, partly to protect your invention, but especially when you need to increase the capital of the company and bring in investors. It costs a lot of money to apply for a patent, but the benefits outweigh the costs.
Christian Bergh CEO deWiz Golf AB

Markus Westerberg, co-founder and golf professional – responsible for the golf technique in the development work.


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